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Stones From Space: interesting facts

Do we know for sure that space aliens exist? But you should not be afraid of them: although they consist of seemingly “formidable” metals and silicates, they have no purpose to hurt us, and, having appeared on our planet by chance, they even remain to live here forever. And sometimes they even want to be …


9 Unexpected Facts About Pearls

To ennoble any outfit, moreover, with the prefix “sport-chic” is the direct task of pearls. And our plan for today is to find out a little more about this amazing miracle of nature and show not only new ornaments but also “deep” (right from the bottom of the sea!) knowledge. 1. In ancient China, they …

Article Engagement Rings

Engraving on wedding rings

When choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift to a loved one, we always try to get not only beautiful but also original, unparalleled jewelry. However, there is a way to make a gift a real symbol of your love, friendship or appreciation; it is to do any engraving on the product. Such a …

Article Earrings

Gold earrings and the rules of their wearing

Gold products are always a perfectly suitable accessory to any outfit. Moreover, they can be worn with a strict suit to the office, and with an open sundress at a summer party, and with jeans, and with shorts. The only caveat is to learn how to choose gold earrings, then they will not cause a …

Article Earrings

The right choice of earrings

Earrings are seemed to be such a small item in the women’s wardrobe. But, even earrings must be selected correctly, focusing on your face shape and the intended overall image. Properly matched to the face and outfit the earrings are able to emphasize the style and beauty of each woman, and even hide minor flaws. …


Myths about women’s ornaments

There are certain ideas about ornaments and what is accepted and not accepted to wear in certain situations. But should you follow them? Let’s look at the most common myths about ornaments for women. Myth one. Bijouterie is suitable only for young girls. Take a look at the aged actresses and TV hosts. Do you …